Endorsed by Parents, NOT Politicians

Voter Pamphlet Statement


This last year has been challenging for everybody. 18 months ago, nobody could have visualized a world where kids were not in classrooms. While our educators have done a great job of adapting to unprecedented times, we have also seen the gaps in our system widen. And while we all hope for a return to “normalcy” we need to learn from this disruption to education and work together in an innovative fashion to move forward in an inclusive, equitable and a welcoming learning environment.

As parent to twins and a member of the PTA, my experience with the LWSD prompted me to join the race to ensure that our schools are ready to meet the challenges and help our children thrive.

I’m committed to draw on my background to bring fresh energy, responsible fiscal management, and innovations to the LWSD focusing on these four areas: equity and inclusion, mental wellness, school infrastructure, and teacher support.

I will be a voice for students, families and community members and will seek out the unheard students and parents. I know with the right leadership, the LWSD can build on our strengths to expand opportunities and deliver high-quality education for every student.

Let's talk how we can improve LWSD