Endorsed by Parents, NOT Politicians

Every child is Important

I have lived in Redmond for the past 12 years with my wife and twins who attend elementary school in LWSD. I am running for school board to ensure LWSD schools meet the needs of all our children at an individual level- to not only ensure academic success but also with a focus on mental wellness over-come the challenges created by the pandemic.

I believe in delivering an equitable, high quality, public education, and providing students with appropriate resources to meet their individual needs.  We all know graduates of our public schools will eventually run the communities that we call home, working in and owning the businesses we rely on. Hence, the quality of their education impacts their success in life as well as the impact they have on each of our daily lives

Throughout my career as a business executive and an engineering graduate, I have worked in different parts of the world. I have been able to see what other countries are doing to prepare their students for our new economy and will tap into these diverse, global perspectives on the LWSD board. I currently work at Amazon Web Services, managing and leading innovative projects. 

Prior to my current role, I founded a software business that employed hundreds of people in the Puget Sound area. 

I am committed to serving our 31,000+ students and families as well as supporting LWSD staff members. I believe my unique perspectives in technology, as an employer, as a business executive, and as a parent of twins enrolled in kindergarten will help LWSD make great decisions to serve our communities. 

Let's talk how we can improve LWSD